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Boat Driving License

To drive a boat in Canada you will need your card/ boat license.

Gaining a Boat driving License in Toronto Ontario is no big deal today as Sprint Driving offers you a golden opportunity to find out that whether you can drive safely or not.

To clear the Boat Driving License test, you need to learn about CYA

To pass the Test and to get your Card, you will need to learn the 149 Knowledge Points specified by the Canadian Coast Guard.
Canadian Yachting Association (CYA) is the largest and oldest boating organization in Canada. CYA was formed in 1931 to train Canada`s Olympic Sailing Team and now serves over 80,000 members through a network of 10 Provincial Sailing Assosiations, more than 400 yacht clubs and with 2,500 CYA-Certified professional boating instructors.

The CYA Operator`s Card is what you need now.

We provide material and exam. 

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Boat Driving License

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